Hunter Transmog

Such Red. Many xMog...I’ve been working on this one for a while. Pretty happy with it, as its a cobbled together mix of a multitude of sources, based heavily on the T6 (one of my favourite raid instances of all time) set without the creepy eyes on the shoulders. Head: Valorous Scourgestalker Headpiece (Ulduar Normal) OR Malefactor’s Eyepatch (Quest reward) works well too. Shoulders: Flamewalker’s Spaulders (Heroic Firelands) Chest: GronnStalkers Chestguard + Tabard of Summer Flames – does the Scarlet Crusader Tabard still drop? That would look awesome… Hands: GronnStalkers Gloves (Hyjal) Belt: GronnStalkers Belt  (Sunwell) Legs: GronnStalkers Leggings (Black Temple) Feet: GronnStalkers Boots (Sunwell) Weapon: Miracoran, the Vehement Chord (Heroic ToT), OR Dagryn’s Discarded Longbow (SoO Normal) OR XYZ (An interesting match, and way easier to obtain) Another one is in the works – one more drop to go…

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