Kayb’s Crusade: Bring Back Visual Auras

Oil Stained Wolf (credit: wow-petopia.com)

Oil Stained Wolf (credit: wow-petopia.com)

Back in the day (before a bunch of idiots exploited some specific pets to cheese Dragon Soul), there were some pets that a wiley Hunter could tame and the visual auras applied to pets were maintained. My favourite example is the oil stained wolf from Borean Tundra, shown in the header image of this post.

From what I can tell, many creatures out in the world have visual auras applied to them to alter their appearance. It works well – not all looks of creatures can be provided by textures, and so auras is a natural fit to maximise reuse of game assets. With me so far? The trouble is, that buffs and rebuffs are also classified as auras. So, when a Hunter tames a pet all auras are now removed. Meaning our classy wolf above reverts to your average every day wolf. Sad Kaybs.

Now to be clear, the reasons for yanking visual auras back when people were exploiting pet auras were solid. I would have fixed the issue too. Raid crews were stacking a 20% melee and ranged haste buff given by taming a specific pet and blowing away raid bosses. Not cool, man.

However, I would also have recognised the joy that part of the player base was getting from these pets and found a way to tag allowable auras as visual, and allow them to remain on tamed pets. I hope one day Blizzard takes a look at it, and allows visual auras to come back, but I am certainly not holding my breath.

And a little Hunter waits…..



… and waits.

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