Gearing up

Gearin-UpWith 11 toons at 90, the recent changes to gearing up alts from Blizzard was a welcome one. Recently Ghostcrawler suggested that the same treatment might be handed out to ToT in 5.4 as well.

With a little bit of effort (and a relatively large stack of gold), each of my characters is now 5.0 capable, with three of them being ToT ready. I am currently in a rhythm of keeping up coins with Treasure Room runs, and spamming LFRs on my lowest geared toons to raise the “baseline” of my characters to ToT readiness and then parking them ready for 5.4.

As a casual player, I am happy enough to keep the bulk of my toons a tier behind where the drop rates are a little higher and LFRs are a little more forgiving.

At the end of the day, outside of this routine, the only thing I do regularly on those toons is farm Ore at Sunsong, so it’s not exactly arduous!

My main is my Hunter which, sadly, is now slightly less geared than my lock and priest due to me gearing up the lock for the Green Fire quest and my Priest keeps getting asked along on Heroic MV runs (oops), but that’s a post for another day.

For each toon, the process has been roughly the same:

  • Hit up Sha (or now, the Hordebreaker chain for the 502 boots)
  • Pick up enough 458 PvP gear and 476 crafted gear to hit the MV threshold (460 iLevel)
  • Head to Isle of Thunder and farm rares until a Key to the Treasure Vault of Lei Shen drops
  • If you have 1250 VP, pick up the neck piece from Shadow-Pan assault
  • Do a coin run, focussing on number of chests, not progression to the end boss
  • Pick up a DMF trinket if you can

You should definitely be 5.0 LFR capable at this point (460 iLevel)

  • Hit up LFR; you should have enough coins to roll on most bosses
  • If you’re not sure which bosses to roll on, is a great resource – I use it all the time
  • Repeat!

I see plenty of robust discussion on the LFR system, and as a previous hardcore raider, I can understand and empathise with many of the points made. However these days I lack the ability to commit to regular raiding, so the LFR system and my stable of characters suits me just fine.

Take the path above and you’ll be in ToT LFRs in 2-3 weeks max.

Those characters that are DPS – I tend to have gathering professions on to kill the time until the LFRs pop. Gathering, combined with farming up this week’s Treasure Run key, and you’re generally pretty set for things to do.


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