Tank Notes – Terrace of Endless Spring LFR


Boss 1: Protectors of the Endless

  • OT pulls the bosses, and the MT taunts off Protector Kaolan
  • Kill order is  first, Protector Kaolan first, followed by Elder Regail, then Elder Asani (MT taunts off each kill target as the fight progresses)
  • Keep the bosses out of the middle if you can
  • Interrupt Lightning Bolt and Water Bolt where possible

Boss 2: Tsulong

Night Phase

  • Tanks swap after every Shadow Breath
  • The Tank who is resting clears their debuffs in the sun beam

Day Phase

  • Tank the big add in front of the boss. When he dies he will spawn little adds
  • Tank them in front of the boss as well – his breath will kill them

Rinse and Repeat

Boss 3: Lei Shi

  • Only one boss in front of the boss at a time so that the resting tank can clear their stacks of the debuff that Spray leaves
  • Swap at around 12-15 debuffs
  • When she shields, you still need to tank swap, but also pick up the elementals
  • Mark one for the raid to kill
  • Run towards her during Get Away
  • When she hides, use AoE to find where she is hiding and pick her up again

Boss 4: Sha of Fear

  • Stand in the glowing circle, and stand and bang
  • When you’re ported out to the sides, kill the mini boss, picking up chi orbs to increase your power (mana, rage etc) regen
  • Rinse and repeat
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