Tank Notes – Heart of Fear LFR – Nightmare of Shek’zeer


Boss 1: Wind Lord Mel’jarak

  • MT should pull the adds
  • OT grabs the boss of the MT, and a blademaster if your gear is up for it
  • Encourage DPS to CC properly (4 adds at most can be CCd. More than that and the boss will dispel all CC)

Boss 2: Amber-Shaper Un’sok

  • Trash Note – you don’t need to clear the scorpion and mushan. Just make sure people don’t get thrown into them during the boss fight
  • One tank on the boss
  • When you’re transformed, learn to interrupt your Amber Explosion
  • One tank on the Monstrosity when it comes out
  • Once the Monstrosity is dead, stand and bang. Be prepared to pick up the boss if the MT drops – the boss can hit pretty hard near the end

Boss 3: Grand Empress Shek’zeer

  • Face the boss away from the raid
  • If you’re not tanking the boss, don’t stand directly in front of her
  • Tanks swap on 3 debuffs of Eyes of the Empress
  • Gather up the adds between phases and they will be AoE’d down
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