Tank Notes – Heart of Fear LFR – The Dread Approach

Heart_of_Fear_loading_screenBoss 1: Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

  • If possible, intercept his inhale by standing between the boss and his intended victims
  • Force and Verve Platform – get in the shells to avoid his channelled ability
  • Attenuation Platform – Dodge the glowing circles as he spins them out from him
  • Convert Platform – from a tank perspective, its stand and bang. The DPS should deal with the converted players
  • Save your CDs for the final phase in the middle. He hits harder at the last

Boss 2: Blade Lord Ta’yak

  • Stack up on the unseen strike victims
  • Swap with the tank on 3 debuffs (4 can be a bit much if your gear is skinny, so taunt on 3 to give yourself time to correct if you run into aggro issues)
  • Move away from the tornadoes
  • In the final phase, run the gauntlet and stand and bang

Boss 3: Garalon

  • A ranged or healer should be doing the kiting – there is no need to swap kiters in LFR
  • Tanks should stand in front of the boss to absorb his cone attack – if he doesn’t hit at least 2 people he gains a short enrage
  • Encourage DPS to prioritise the legs over the boss – they slow him down and knock 3% off his health each time a leg dies
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