Tank Notes: Mogu’shan Vaults LFR – The Vault of Mysteries

Mogushan VaultsBoss 1: The Spirit Kings

  • Make everyone stack on you when tanking Qiang the Merciless to absorb Massive Attack
  • When he telegraphs his one shot move (Annihilate) run through him so that you’re behind him
  • All bosses will summon the statues on the side to march across the room (Flanking Order). Move out of the way
  • For the rest of the fight, stay out of bad, stand and bang on the remaining bosses.

Boss 2: Elegon

  • MT tanks the boss. Move out on Phase 2 once the raid fails to kill the orbs. Rinse and repeat
  • OT picks up the Celestial Protectors and tanks them near the edge of the circle. Move them out of the circle just before they cast Total Annihilation
  • Encourage DPS to kill the orbs – they debuff the boss so that he takes more damage which shortens the final phase
  • In the Final Phase, stay alive. Save your CDs for this – the healers will have their hands full with the raid

Pro Tip: This fight often presents significant FPS issues for many. I have found that turning shadows up to ULTRA (just for this fight) removes the FPS issue. Your mileage may vary, but give it a try 🙂

Boss 3: Will of the Emperor

  • As a tank, don’t worry about the adds (but encourage DPS to prioritise on them over the bosses)
  • Once the bosses spawn (adds will spawn first for a bit) each tank pulls one boss to the base of each of the two staircases leading into the lower area
  • Scroll your camera out to get a long view. When the bosses telegraph their Devastating Combo with big blue arcs, get out of that area. One of their attacks is a big stomp, get some distance, but not too much or the boss will drag you back to him
  • Once you dodge 5 attacks, you will get a new button. Click it to do 500K damage to the boss. While this is cool, your main goal is to dodge these attacks to save the healers – they have a lot going on
  • During the Titan Gas phase, use some CDs to ease the load on the healers
  • Rinse and Repeat
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