How to Beat the Green Fire Boss


June 15: Updated with additional detail and macros

I completed the Green Fire Warlock questline recently and I have to say it was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I have had in WoW since the original Rhok’delar quests for my Hunter back in Vanilla (I’d rate the Hunter quest slightly higher, but that’s just me).

Initially I wasn’t going to bother with Green Fire; the warlock is not one of my favorite classes but as soon as I saw a lock in LFR sporting those snazzy green flames of infernal awesomeness I knew I had to have them! (Queue quite a bit of LFR running to get my gear level up to where it needs to be)

The quest line itself starts from a tome dropped from rare mobs in the Isle of Thunder and can only be looted by warlocks. For those who are curious, you can still loot it once you have completed the quest and sell it on the AH for a nice healthy profit – or rather a means of recouping the repair costs you will most likely suffer!

From there it’s essentially a find and gather quest chain which culminates in a showdown in the Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley. This is a solo scenario; you really are on your own for this and it is awesome. The first few encounters are pretty easy to get past, however the final showdown is quite challenging.

I seriously wish I could have captured the fight on video. It is a pretty epic fight, but my computer quite simply isn’t up to it. I might free up some space and see what I can do, but no promises, mmk? (There are plenty of videos out there – I have linked a very good one at the end of this post)

Now onto the good stuff…


Phase 0 and general info

  • Have your Imp out and sacrifice him just before the Pit Lord gets summoned (the singe magic comes in handy during the fight)
  • Enslave a Pit Lord (Yes! A Pit Lord!) and use it to tank the boss.
  • Use the PLs breath to cleanse yourself of some pretty powerful dots the boss will put on you (I had a macro to help me with this)
  • Halfway through the fight, re-enslave the PL or your enslave will expire before the fight ends
  • Use your gateway to constantly drop aggro on the boss so he never Chaos Bolts you (You can survive a CB by blowing cooldowns, but its very simple to avoid. Many people recommend to LOS the CB but if you keep using your gateway, you will never need to. I didn’t have one CB cast once I nailed the technique) – I had a WeakAura to alert me whenever my Gate debuff wore off
  • Interrupt the Cataclysm spell with the PL’s charge – ideally save up some Embers for Chaos Bolts at that time – The Boss takes double damage after a charge for 6s. (Charging half way through your first CB lets you get another one off during the window)

Phase 1: Imps

  • The boss will summon Imps out of his portal
  • Once he has finished channelling, use the Pit Lord to charge the imps and breath on them (Be patient. Wait until they are all out)
  • Go through your gateway
  • Finish any off Imps that remain

Phase 2: Felhunters (This is the tricky part)

  • Place your PL behind The Boss’s Portal. This is important
  • The Boss will summon Felhunters out of his portal which will consume your enslave on the PL if they can
  • While he is channeling, use Singe Magic to remove all your debuffs
  • Rain of Fire on the gateway to get aggro
  • Havoc one Felhunter, target the 2nd
  • Once the third is out start casting CB
  • Charge and Breathe with the PL. At this point 2 Felhunters should be dead from the charge, breath and 2x damage CB
  • Kill the third with 2 Conflagrates and a Shadow Burn if you need to
  • Basically, that should kill all three Felhunters in 2-3 GCDs if you do it right
  • Immediately get back through your gateway so you don’t get a Chaos Bolt in the face!
  • Get the PL back into the fight
  • Your mileage may vary, but I placed my gateway so that one gate was in front and to the left of The Boss’s portal. That way, as soon as I finished off the FelHunters I could take one step back and immediately gateway away from the dead FelHunters and back into the fight
  • Not long after that the boss will cast another Cataclysm so be ready with another charge

Phase 3: Doom Lord

  • The Boss will summon a Doom Lord out of his portal
  • Give it a smack and a Breath with the PL
  • Go through your portal
  • Put the PL back on The Boss
  • You shouldn’t have to worry about the Doom Lord again so long as you keep going through your gateway to drop aggro
Key positioning for the fight

Key positioning for the fight – click for full sized image

Other Notes

  • Phases 1-3 will cycle through twice, after that The Boss will just summon Imps
  • Positioning of the PL is key to the FelHunter phase. If they face him at any time, regardless of if you have aggro or not, they will consume his enslave and at that point its pretty much a wipe
  • During this fight you may also need to cleanse his Curse of Ultimate Doom with a Purification Potion. at which point The Boss will reapply the curse, buying you another 7 minutes. While I definitely had the gear to complete this within the first curse, I intentionally kept it slow to focus on the mechanics, and I am glad I did – there is a lot to get right! I ended up being about 45s over the timer which I could have avoided if I had been throwing a few more CBs around in the middle of the fight but, for the cost of a few potions, it wasn’t worth the rush.


  • Soul Leech – any heal is a good heal
  • ShadowFury – a nice get out of jail free card in case things go sideways with the Imps or Felhunters
  • Kil’jaeden’s Cunning – plenty of people go with Mannoroth’s Fury for the additional AoE, but I found the movement to be more useful
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice


  • Glyph of Gateway Attunement – means you don’t need to click on your gateway. Worth it’s weight in gold – you have enough going on, trust me!
  • Glyph of Enslave Demon – Needed to get your enslave off nice and fast.


  • Drums of Forgotten Kings
  • Flask of the Warm Sun
  • Mogu Fish Stew



I used quite a few macros in this fight. To be honest, this probably slowed the fight down a bit in some areas, but I found it far more useful to have a longer fight which required a Purification Potion than to bash away against the brick walls I was experiencing with so much to keep top of mind (debuffs, felhunters, positioning, heals, etc)

  • Gets the PL to attack your curent target, and casts breath on you (I stood amongst the imps etc when I was killing them off. Cleared my debuffs and killed the Imps at the same time)
    • /petattack
      /cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath
  • Casts heal on the player (when available) whenever you’re Conflagrating (which you will be doing, Alot)
    • #showtooltip Conflagrate
      /cast [@player] Demonic Siphon
      /cast Conflagrate
  • Ensures that the Pit Lord charges The Boss (if you use this Macro, make sure you use the pet bar charge when you charge the Felhunters!)
    • /target Kanrethad
      /cast charge
  • Enslaves the Pit Lord and immediately retargets The Boss (assuming you have the boss set as your focus which I *strongly* recommend)
    • #showtooltip Enslave Demon
      /target Pit Lord
      /cast Enslave Demon
      /target [@focus]
  • Casts the Pit Lord’s breath on your whenever it is on CD and you’re Incinerating (which is often)
    • #showtooltip Incinerate
      /cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath
      /cast [@target] Incinerate


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