One of each class to 90


Back in the Burning Crusade, I decided to get one of every class to 70. I used the recruit a friend bonus and multiboxed my pairs of toons up to 70 and it was a nice challenge to get into multiboxing.

These days I still run multiple accounts, but all my big toons are on one account, and I have kept up the mission to have one of everything at level cap.

Mists is no exception, and I recently got all my toons to 90 (pre XP nerf. Barefoot on broken glass. Uphill in the snow both ways. Just sayin’) Some thoughts:

  • Favorite Zone – Jade Forest. So pretty. The other zones I didn’t get most of the way through as I would relocate as soon as the next zone became available
  • Least favorite zone – Karasong Wilds – I only did it once on the Hunter for the Loremaster Achieve. Wasn’t a fan of the feel of the zone and how the story tied together
  • Favorite 5 man – by now – none of them. Pretty burned out on the MoP levelling 5 mans, as I tanked two toons to 90
  • Paladin – kind of did this by accident via questing and gathering and the odd dungeon. Did her first just due to the fact that I hate my Paladin so much. Get it out of the way first
  • Hunter – my main.
  • Warrior – tanked my way to 88 but then went (Arms) as I didn’t want to face tanking LFR at the time, and I had kind of had enough of the 5 mans
  • Priest – disc quested and healed 5 mans to 90
  • Mage & Warlock – both were surprisingly fun, although the Mage and Pally are by far my least favorites
  • Rogue – super fun
  • DK, Monk and Druid – 100% pure tanked to 90
  • Shaman – enhance all the way, questing and 5 mans as they popped was the way I rolled for all the DPS classes

What a mission! Glad to have done it though. All toons are now LFR capable, with 3 or so being above the ToT threshold as well.  I’m farming ore on all my toons for the transmutes (6 alchemists) which I turn into belt buckles and the lightning steel CD on my warrior – I will be making reborn weapons for every toon that needs them over time.

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2 Responses to One of each class to 90

  1. reiytwow says:

    How did you find pure instance leveling compared to quest leveling? I can’t decide if its worth it or not?!

    • themarty247 says:

      Thanks for reading!

      I found both to be pretty effective. My tanks that I took 100% to 90 in instances were *always* rested. That definitely makes it worthwhile. And the DPSers that were questing while waiting for instances to pop, the instances were a really nice change of pace (and a good shot in the arm XP-wise if you were rested)

      If I wasn’t rested I’d probably revert to questing.

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