A Busy Weekend

Ding! 90 :)

Ding! 90 🙂

So, after a particularly tough gym session this Saturday, I sat down and thought “reckon I might try and get the Mage through to 89”. The 88-90 bracket has always been a slog for me. Jade Forest, VotFW, Kunlai, you can kind of hit 87 without even really being aware of it. But then things slow down, and not in a kookie pandaren kinda way. Still, only one way past the problem, and that is through it. And I smashed out both levels!

Not only that but, due to some nasty ass insomnia, I ended up having her LFR ready, and through Mog Vaults this morning. The rest of todays play time was spent sending my Main through the ToT LFRs, plus running the Warrior and Priest through their runs. Some minor upgrades, but loot certainly isn’t falling from the skies like I was hoping it would in “LFR Catch Up” mode, although it is noticeably better than pre 5.2 so I guess you can’t complain.

Right now I have 6 toons at 90, all of them LFR capable to one extent or another, so I am pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to LFR options. I have the Mage’s old-school transmog planned – we’ll see how that turns out. Not as bad ass as my priest which I am pretty happy with (brag shot below!)

Very happy with the priest xMog. Took a lot of effort to put that together.

Very happy with the priest xMog. Took a lot of effort to put that together.

Anyways, 6/10 done. 5 to go. Bring it on – just not right now. Need a break from levelling for a day or two. 🙂

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One Response to A Busy Weekend

  1. Neil aka Nuts says:

    Yes the 88-90 grind is a killer, which is why my Deathknight is still 89.
    All my toons are nagging at me to be levelled, which I know in turn will level the guild but that 88-90 barrier haunts me each time I log on.
    So well done on 6/10!

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