Learning to love my ‘lock

Oh my! Are those robes genuine Elmo skin?

Oh my! Are those robes genuine Elmo skin?

So, the overcooked brussel sprout and broccoli soufflé of my stable of alts is, without question, my warlock.

Before the whole “get a toon of every class to level cap” madness/sparta ensued, I had my little lock because, well, the Warlock T5 looked badass! Back then, levelling was a bit more arduous, however I was multi-boxing my toons at the time, so I generally paired the lock with a healer (druid at the time if I recall) and kept the hots rolling while I life tapped my way to mana infinity and chain pulled my way to 70.

When it came time to do the jag to 80 I still dual-boxed him with heals, and ignored him once he hit cap. Cataclysm saw him played single to 85 but, again, mothballed once he hit cap.

With my mage gathering some rest XP, I decided to bite the bullet and start him off. Bear in mind – he was still in the Elmo-skin gear you get from levelling to 85. I’d forgotten what about 100 iLevels does to your output. It was horrible!! So I rocked into the AH and dopped a couple K on some decent 85 blues, headed over to the Noxxic and Icy Veins guides, and suddenly he came to life. He’s happily parked up at 86.5 now, after a really fun session on the weekend.

And I gotta say – Destruction is fun! Mmmmm….. Big critty green chaos bolt of awesomeness…

This really made me realise how much effort Blizzard has put into each class, its play style, theme, and feel. While it is a massive undertaking, and I have no doubts some toons will end up on the shallow end of the gear pool, I am really glad that I have taken this mission on. It lends a totally different experience to the same content when you play through the game on each class, and it teaches me valuable insights on each class to have played them through.

Playing each role and class makes me better at the others. I understand their skills, effects, cooldowns and rotations. This makes me a far better Tank, Healer, DPS and Hunter (my main) as a result. Plus it’s turning out to be a pretty fun journey.

Have fun out there.

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