Win conditions and WoW

Win ConditionsWoW can be an infinite time sink and, if you’re not careful, you’ll turn around and realise you’ve suddenly lost balance in your life and have somehow ended up with a second job keeping up with everything there is to do in game. Not ideal.

The key is to set yourself a set of goals that define what success looks like to you.

Possible win conditions to set:

  • Rep – any factions you want to grind out or catch up on?
  • Gear – what does BiS mean for you? LFR + rep gear? 5 man-heroics only? 10N? 25N? 10H? 25H? You decide.
  • Transmog – do you have goals for an old Tier set you want to farm? Or a unique look you want to create?
  • PvP – Will you dip your toes into PvP for the first time, or will you continue your campaign to dominate your foes?
  • Alts – do you have some alts you want to level? If so, how many? to what level?
  • Pets – are there any rare pets you want to hunt down or acquire? (cough)

Personally, I have quite a bit going on in the real world, so losing myself in a game isn’t high on my list of priorities (despite wishing I could some days!).

Still, I have some goals. If I can achieve these goals,  reckon I will be doing OK. Key to this is setting win conditions that are achievable and sticking to them. Once you “win” for a given patch cycle, either move on or reset them to something else, but always have a clear set of goals.

Here are my goals. We’ll see how I go….By the end of WoW5 (ie the MoP Expansion):

  • One of every class to 90 (Currently at 4)
  • One character in leading tier LFR (Can’t do raiding schedules any more, sadly)
  • A couple of alts (Currently Priest and Rogue, although that may change) at T-1 LFR + rep rewards
  • The rest in whatever they get to as far as gear goes – not really worried. But…
  • Transmog outfits that I am happy with for all 11 toons (you gotta have a sense of fashion after all!
  • 1 or 2 man a bunch of old school stuff with a mate and push that as far as possible given our time and skill levels
  • Hopefully encourage my better half to participate and level up a Panda with me (hey, a guy can dream, right?)

I reckon that sounds pretty damn good, and I’ll be pretty stoked if I can achieve it.

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